Saturday, 5 August 2017

Projects I'm Currently Working On

Current projects by Yasmin Qureshi

I have a habit of making life difficult for myself. I'm never short of ideas for new projects I'd like to work on, and carry a notebook with me wherever I go so I can jot them down. It's just a shame I don't have enough time to get through them all at once! Since finishing university in May I've yet again managed to keep myself quite busy, the only problem is that I can find I suffer from lack of motivation to get stuff done, and working from home doesn't help at all. I work a lot better when I'm completely alone which is why I've decided that I'm going to try and make room for a designated work space at home, and that means having a clear out!

To give you an idea of all the projects I'm currently working on, I thought that for this post I'd give a quick rundown of what I've started working on since May...

1. Going freelance! (properly)

Although technically I've been self-employed now for a year, I've only just started to focus on my business properly. It's not easy though! I feel I've got a great portfolio but now is where the hard work starts... I need to work a lot more on marketing myself online and offline, attend networking events and continue building my portfolio. At the same time a part of me feels like I want to find a permanent job as a photographer so that I can get a regular income coming in while I build my business slowly, because we all know success doesn't come your way over night. The only problem is there aren't many photography jobs locally that I want to apply for.

2. My shop:

Yes I (re)launched my shop last month! This is really exciting because it means that people can own a piece of my work and hang it up in their homes. As a person who is creative I don't think there's anything better than someone who is willing to buy your work and enjoy looking at it time and time again. My shop currently has a mixture of photography prints in it, with very few art prints created out of my photos, but this is something I want to introduce more of in the near future. Which brings me on to my next project...

3. Social media inspired project:

I've had ideas for this project in my notebook for the longest time now and I'm glad to have finally been able to start it. Since it's inspired by social media it links in with things I've researched in the past, but I'm aiming on making this more fun and light-hearted. I won't reveal too much about it at the moment but I will be sharing some updates on Instagram and Twitter, and my blog as I progress!

4. Film project:

I've already mentioned how much I've been enjoying shooting film in my previous post. I'm not 100% sure how my shoots at home will develop as a project yet, or what I want to say and aim to get out of it, but I'm planning on going with the flow just to see where it leads. There's no point of always putting pressure on yourself, it's nice to just see where things lead!

5. Masters Degree:

I'm starting this in September! I've been researching for it since December last year and when I look back through my sketchbook I can see it's already gone through so many twists and turns. I know that I want to focus on combining photography and writing for this piece which I'll work on for the next two years, but I don't know what the outcome will be yet. Will it be both writing and photography combined, or just writing? We'll all find out in two years time!

6. Blog/website for creatives:

Technically this hasn't started yet, but I've got a notebook where I'm jotting down all of my ideas. I've already bought the domain for it, and claimed social media usernames! Ever since starting the Your Stories project, where I shared the interviews with women in business alongside shoots I did with them on my blog, I've wanted to start my own blog or website to promote other creatives. In a way I've been putting it off because just look at all these things I'm busy with! But I know that I definitely want to start it. I also want to ensure that I don't put any pressure on myself to make it absolutely perfect or a huge success, I just want to promote the lovely work of other creatives and create a community for us to be part of. I'm aiming to get the branding done at the beginning of 2018 and hopefully the launch won't be too far away after that!



You can see how much I'm working on at the moment, yet some people have still got the cheek to call me lazy? I think that's a whole new post I can write, but just because us creatives and self-employed folk tend to work from home it certainly doesn't mean we are lazy!

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