Friday, 7 July 2017

Honey Bee Home Product Photography

This post is long overdue! It was back in April that the Honey Bee Home photoshoot took place. It was very exciting times for Mel, since the product photography would take a big step towards the launch of her new business venture. 

I was looking forward to working with Mel again, firstly because we've worked with each other on a few projects in the past and had a lot of fun in the process, and secondly because interior style is something that I also have a passion for. I'm the type of person who is forever dreaming up her perfect home and how it would be styled and decorated, and when I saw the products that Honey Bee Home was launching with I wished I had my own place already so that I could fill my home with everything in their range. Luckily after my mum saw the photos she also fell in love with everything, so much so that she bought my favourite item up for grabs, the pineapples!

There's a great selection of home accessories available and in this post I'm sharing a few photos from the range:

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