Sunday, 21 May 2017

Thoughts on Social Media Now

Over the past year I've really had a problem with social media and the effects it can have on people, and I've especially become aware of the negative side effects it can have on me. We all know what those effects can be so I won't list them in this post! I think that I started to 'fall out' with social media when I began to research into it for my dissertation at the beginning of my third year at university. It was quite fittingly titled 'Constructing an Identity Using Social Media and Photography'. Something that I've continued to research into since.

To say it as it is - I'm sick of the constant selling of ourselves we have to do today. Everyone needs to have a Brand. The more glamorous the better. Everywhere I look, especially on Instagram, I see the perfected lifestyles that I feel I have to live up to and replicate in order to gain more followers and to live a happy life. But it's all staged. My life is far from perfect which is the reason why I prefer to share it behind the locked screen of my private Instagram account. Recently it was quite interesting for me to see that when I invited the followers of my public account to follow my private one as part of an experimental exhibition, that not many people took up the invitation at all. It could be that I'm reading too much into it and people genuinely had no interest in seeing my reality at all, but at the same time if my life mirrored that of Victoria's I'm pretty sure I'd have gained thousands of followers by now. She and so many others have mastered the art of her own brand with the use of social media and photography.

This post isn't a rant about the fact I don't have a large following. It's actually really started to annoy me when I see other people doing this. I'm simply trying to explain that I feel exhausted with constantly comparing my life to other people's, whereas just a year ago I would be inspired by them, and I'm finally accepting that my life will probably never be like theirs. But that doesn't mean that it cannot be created...

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