Saturday, 4 March 2017

Experimental Exhibition 1: Midnight Train

As part of the final semester of university I have to do an exhibition module which will consist of a variety of experimental exhibition methods that should give me an idea of how I will exhibit my work at the degree show and help get my work seen by a new audience.

For my first exhibition myself and another classmate, Pauline Kamo, decided to go on a midnight train. My main aim with this exhibition was to be able to allow my blog to reach people who wouldn't normally come across it, while at the same time promoting the women who I had written about to see what responses I would get. To prepare for it I designed and ordered postcards with my photos and quotes from Fran's ebook review and Sarah Ellen's story, both of which have been posted on my blog previously. I also ordered some square business cards from Moo for that added 'cool factor', envelopes and stickers for them that I thought would grab people's attention.

Although we had a lot of fun taking part, the exhibition didn't go entirely as well as we hoped it would. Pauline and I deliberately didn't plan too far ahead because we wanted to see where the night takes us. This meant that we didn't realise trains stop running after a certain time at night! We ended up on just three trains, each one a short journey so that we can leave as many of our work on different trains, then we ended up on foot and a bus finding our way back to the Birmingham city centre.


My envelopes were left on trains and the stations, but because we ended up on foot, I also left them at bus stops and posted some through letter boxes of homes and businesses. In total so far I've had one response!

Even though this exhibition wasn't successful in terms of the amount of responses I received back, I've now got more ideas of exhibitions I can do next which I am working on, although future exhibitions will be based on the personal project I'm working on.


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