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Charlotte's Stories by Charlotte Spivey: Audio Downloads for Children and Adults

In my last post I introduced you to Hypnotherapist Charlotte Spivey of White Willow Hypnotherapy, offering adults support through various difficulties in their lives, including mental health. Another type of support Charlotte offers is in the form of audio stories for children who may be finding it difficult to sleep or are going through a loss of a loved one. Charlotte's Stories are available as audio downloads and your child is encouraged to listen to them every night in order to get into a new sleeping pattern that will leave them feeling a lot more content and comfortable.

At the moment the stories available are Sleep Stories and Letters From Heaven, but for adults there's Supporting Parents After Loss too, which I will discuss in more detail later in this post. Since it'll be important for you to see whether you feel the stories will be effective, there are demos available to listen to on the Charlotte's Stories website where you'll be able to hear how calming and soothing Charlotte's voice is for yourself.

The Story:

Charlotte got the opportunity to write a story for her friend's son after he was finding it incredibly difficult to get to sleep at night when the family moved into their new home. Not only was the young boy finding it difficult to sleep, but the parents, who both work full-time, were also being affected. When the mother of the boy told Charlotte the doctors wanted to medicate him, Charlotte requested for a chance to be able to write him a story. This story would be available as an audio download and would be required to be listened to every night.

"It was a bedtime story where the little boy fell to sleep, and he was safe and content, and everyone was where they needed to be..."

To their surprise the story was a success. The seven year old went from waking up between seven and nine times a night to just once! Over the next few days he got into a new sleeping pattern, which meant that he was more content and comfortable, which then meant the parents benefited from the story too since they were no longer having to wake up so many times a night. With encouragement from another friend, Charlotte decided that making these stories available to all parents of children who find it difficult to sleep would be quite beneficial for them, and since then she's had some great feedback.

Something that I love the most is the amount of positive comments Charlotte includes in the stories that are so important for children to hear, and I think if I'd listened to these stories as a child myself, they would have had a positive impact on my childhood too.

"Every single story contains really positive comments such as you are safe at home, you are content, do you know you are amazing? You're wonderful, always be yourself, always follow your heart. Never be afraid to show who you really are, it's always good just to be you, because there's millions of people in the world but there's only one you."

I asked Charlotte whether she had written stories before she started Charlotte's Stories and she told me that she'd been writing poetry for years, but had always been so shy to read them to anyone. However, when the opportunity came to write the story for her friend's son she jumped at the chance and said there was no going back.


Inspiration to write can come from anywhere, but there's one place in particular that's a favourite to go when looking for inspiration to write something new, and this was the location that we chose to shoot at. Just walking distance from Charlotte's house there's a park with a nice long path we walked along. Here, Charlotte spoke to me about the beauty of nature that surrounds us everyday but can be overlooked so easily. The giant trees, the sounds of the birds singing, or the rustling from the squirrels running amongst the leaves, it can be any of these things that can inspire Charlotte to write a new story. Apart from this, inspiration can come from something that people say, or even by looking up at the stars in the sky.

Support Story for Adults:

Although Charlotte's Stories are mainly aimed at children, there is also one for adults to support women after the loss of a child. This is something Charlotte has experienced herself and understands the process the hospitals go through with parents. Charlotte explained to me how the midwives were amazing, but there was so much information handed to her that she found it overwhelming.

"I just couldn't read any of it. I wanted to talk with someone who understood me and who could talk to me about what was going to happen. I didn't find the paper work digestible."

This is the reason why she wrote When Your Baby is Born Sleeping. With this story Charlotte wanted women to feel like they have got a real person to listen to, telling them that they will survive this, rather than reading through so many papers handed to them by the doctors and nurses.

"I realised that actually when you a lose a baby there's nobody. The bereavement midwives are okay and brilliant in some places, but sometimes mums can't get in touch with them. And I thought, if I just do a download, where you can listen to me just talking for twenty minutes. I'm going to talk you through right from when you hear your baby's died, to how people might react to you after you've lost a baby and so on..."

Charlotte's Stories are a unique way for adults and children to be able to get support for dealing with loss or help with sleeping problems. Even if your child is sleeping well, they can still listen to the stories because each one is full of positivity. The best thing is that you don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home, since the stories are available for audio download.

As you can see from both of the posts I have written about Charlotte, she's supporting people of all ages to live a better and fulfilled life and it's admirable to see how much of a difference she's able to make. I'm going to leave you with a quote from Charlotte that has stayed with me since the day I met her...

"All the things that have happened in my life have just been research for me to be able to help other people."

Listen to demos on the Charlotte's Stories website.
Find out more about Charlotte's support for adults through Hypnotherapy.

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