Friday, 12 August 2016

fourMAKERS@No.5: Alex Allday Ceramic & Surface Pattern Designer

In July I went to do a shoot with the ladies of FourMakers@no.5 who are based at Middleport Pottery, Stoke-on-Trent. The shoot was a branding shoot which consisted of capturing their making techniques, photographing their unique products and finally, at the end of the day I took some portraits of each maker too.

In the last post I shared my shoot with Libby Ward, and today I'm sharing the shoot I did with Alex Allday, a ceramic and surface pattern designer.


Based at her studio at Middleport Pottery, Alex creates ceramic-wares with plenty of intricate details added to them as finishing touches, with the final outcome being a result of a mixture of handcrafted and digital techniques. While Alex was working in her studio I was able to see how she begins her making process by hand. I then saw some of her finished pieces, and it was nice to see how her pieces can go from a blank canvas to having any type of detail and colour added to them later on.

These are some of the pieces I photographed on the day and as you can see there's a variety of ceramic-ware and styles to choose from. At first glance I can see Alex's inspirations range from nature, flowers, pattern and architecture. Some of my favourite pieces can be seen in the collection above. I like these because they are simplistic in their colour palette, but they stand out with their architectural details. 

Alex takes part in many events throughout the  year, so if you want to meet her in person and purchase some of her pieces then head over to her website to see which events she's going to be taking part in next. Another option is to head over to the fourMAKERS@No.5 open studio at Middleport Pottery, where you can purchase from them directly, and if you're lucky, watch each maker at work too! 

Next in the series is my final shoot with Brydee Gillbard. See you then!

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