Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A Step Backwards, Towards The Future

Some of you who read my old blog (now taken offline) will be aware of the difficulties I had in my previous jobs. Working in care isn't always the most easiest thing and you should only do it if your heart is 100% in it. My story, on the other hand, is that I only worked as a carer because I fell into it. I dropped out of university in 2010 and applied for loads of jobs in shops, offices and some other places with no luck, but after applying for my first care job I was offered the position. I never ever imagined working in care but for the sake of providing for my family (which should never have been down to me in the first place) I just rolled with it. From my first care job working in the community I then left for a job in a nursing home - still not happy with the direction my life was heading! 

I spent two years at this job, and all the while I was ill with stress and suffered with dizziness and fainting attacks every week. I was constantly off sick, and when I was called into the office one day because of my attendance I was scared of losing my job. As a result I would come to work not well enough to do anything, and then an hour or two into the shift I would be sent home. I also spent all of my time there putting up with the behaviours of certain staff that just wasn't acceptable.

After saying goodbye to the job last September, I thought it was for good. Then came the end of my first year at uni in May and I was free for the summer. I knew I needed to find a job quickly because of the plans I've got for my career after university. These plans are costly and I need to start working towards them now. For this reason alone I've gone back into care, which I will work full-time during the summer and then part-time once I'm back at uni in October. I decided to apply for a care job once again because I knew I'd get offered one quickly, and that's exactly what happened. I had three interviews in one day, with two offers. I knew if I had waited to get any other job I didn't have experience in I would probably have wasted most of my time off without any luck. At this point, no work means no money, which means my future plans would get pushed further and further away...

The point I'm trying to make here is that taking a step backwards doesn't always have to be a bad thing. Yes, it's true that I've gone back to do a job that I don't particularly want to do, but this time I have a different outlook, a new focus. Just a year ago I felt trapped, with no hope of there ever being any change to my career and life. I changed all of that from April 2014 onwards by taking one step at a time, because it's not possible to change your life in one day flat is it? I know that this time around I'm not doing this job forever, instead it's for the time being. It's going to bring me extra money which means I'll be able to pay my way through uni easily, and more importantly - I can start saving for those incredible plans I have!

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