Sunday, 17 May 2015

University: First Year Roundup

It's so crazy to think that I've already finished my first year at university. It's all zoomed by so quick and I've enjoyed every second of it (I even got the hang of that darn film loading room!). Looking back at my work since the start of the course it's easy to see I've come a long way, yet I only started seeing an improvement when the studio module started. This is where I was able to get a real insight into the kind of work I'll be doing as a fashion photographer once I've graduated, and even though I've still got a long way to go til I'm a technical pro when it comes to the equipment, I'd say I've made a pretty good start. 

The year started in October when I did my lecturers head in til I was given a place on the course. I didn't have an interview, instead I showed him my portfolio on my blog and I started the course by the end of the month. Considering my late start I still got better grades than some of those who were there from the beginning, if that doesn't show dedication then what does?

We've done a mixture of projects which included working on location and in the studio. We also were given the chance to get our hands on so many different types of film and digital cameras. Considering I hated using film cameras at college I was surprised at how much I enjoyed using them this time around, but the best bit was printing in the darkroom. Printing can be an expensive business especially as a pack of 50 sheets can cost around £25, but when you see the results it's well worth the cost. Having used both film and digital cameras has made me realise how much I prefer digital! You get to see the results instantly, can edit the photos as much as you want to get the desired outcome, it's cheaper to use and the results on the Pentax cameras are amazing.

After the first semester we were also given the chance to have an exhibition of the Memory project in the photography department. This was great to see because we'll be organising exhibitions as part of our third year modules. This year I made sure to attend the third year exhibitions in Wolverhampton and Birmingham to show my support and to see how they turn out. All I can say is I can't wait for my year to have ours up!

Something else I enjoyed was working with the third and second years on the Clothes Show Live shoot. I was mainly in charge of taking photos behind the scenes to share on social media but it gave me a real insight into how things work on sets of busy shoots! It was a really hectic day but lots of fun at the same time. The third year photography students were taking photos of models wearing garments designed by the third year fashion design students, and the second year students were assisting them.

It's been a busy year that went by too quick and I wish it didn't. But I'm pretty sure the next five months will go by quicker than anything and I'm looking forward to going back in October. Meanwhile I'm keeping myself busy with my Summer Project.

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