Thursday, 14 May 2015

Summer Project 2015 - Blogger Collaborations

Now that first year of university is over I'm glad to be given a Summer Project to be getting on with because it means I can keep myself busy with shoots - not that I wasn't going to be doing shoots anyway, it just means that now I have no excuse! There's nothing I hate more than having too much time on my hands so this is perfect for me.

The Project:
On the day of hand-in my year group received an email asking us to do four or five shoots around the themes developed in the Exploring Identity and Location modules. Being as though my Exploring Identity shoots were based on Dancers and I found it so difficult to get permission to do my shoots in the first place, I've decided that I'm going to change the theme to something that's easier, and one that I'm more passionate about - Blogging!

My chosen theme:
I chose Blogging as my theme because I've played a small part in this community since February 2013 and it's what I spend most of my free time doing, it's also the reason why I got into Photography in the first place. Thinking about my future I want to become a full-time Blogger & Photographer but with a twist that's hopefully going to make me stand out from the crowd. I believe this project will allow me to start taking my blog in the direction I envision it going in.

Collaborating with bloggers:
The shoots I want to do will be fashion shoots with other bloggers. This will mean that we'll be able to create content for both our blogs and I'll be able to build my portfolio on my website which definitely needs more work on it!

Collaborating with fashion brands:
I'm also keen to work with fashion brands. I'm on the look out for brands who would loan me their products for the shoots, and once I'm done you can have everything back along with the photos to use on your website and social media accounts. Not only will your brand be promoted on my blog and that of the bloggers, but there will be twice as many social media accounts involved, so what better way to get yourself out there?

Get in touch!
If you're a blogger based in the West Midlands or a brand based in the UK then please get in touch. I see this as a great way of building contacts and it's also going to help me prepare for my future career.

Email -
Twitter - @yasminqureshi_

Thank you! :)

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