Monday, 25 May 2015

Expenses of a New Photographer

It's no doubt that photography is an expensive business to be in. To be able to produce work as professionally as I can I've had to spend most of my student finance money on buying the necessary things I need. But these are just the things I've needed to buy as a beginner! I thought today I'd give you a rundown of what I've purchased so far, and this list of equipment doesn't include the amount of money I've had to spend on buying film, darkroom printing paper, sketchbooks and printing in the library to fill my sketchbook up!


cost: £300

I bought this camera in May 2014 when I decided I wanted to start taking photography a little more seriously over on my personal blog. It's a nice little camera that's portable, the quality of the photos are great, the lens can be changed and I also love that you're able to use the touch screen to focus where you want. Nowadays I only use this camera for snapping everyday life and blog photos here and there. Although this is a nice little gadget to have, there are better cameras for this price range out there so it's always a good idea to do your research first. If I'd have known when I bought this camera that I was going to go to university I probably would have saved my money for a better DSLR.


cost: £1099

I bought this camera on Boxing Day last year and I'm so glad I decided to splash out on it. It's my first DSLR and when asking for advice from the staff at Jessops I asked for a camera that wasn't an entry level one because I didn't want to upgrade a year later as I get more experienced. The D7100 with it's 18-140mm kit lens was recommended to me and I'm so glad I bought it. I'm certain it will serve me well throughout uni and beyond. Stay tuned to see the results of shoots I do for my summer project with this camera too.


cost: £79.99

I had been looking for a prime lens for a while since I'd been told they were great for portrait photography, and after watching so many YouTube videos I was convinced I had to get one. I finally bought this one when I went to The Photography Show. I tested out while there and I loved the results because the subject was so sharp and the background was all creamy and out of focus! I'm looking forward to doing more shoots with this lens and sharing the results.


cost: £16.77

I thought now that university is over and I wanted to start going to networking events that it would be a good idea for me to buy me some business cards! I found designing my cards on Vistaprint quick and easy, and there's also an option to upload your own designs. I chose to have mine printed vertical and I selected my favourite photo from my first year studio shoots. I used a promo code I saw on the telly, and I got one hundred cards for just under £17.00 after the shipping charges etc had been applied. The cards were printed on standard paper and I think the quality could be better, but for now they'll do.


cost: total of both £86.51

Even though I barely had any work to show I just couldn't wait to get my website up. I always find the process of starting a new blog or website to be exciting because of the feeling of a fresh new start and that I can make it look however I want. I searched online for some sites I could use to build my own website quickly and easily, and in the end I went with Wix. With Wix everything you need is under one roof. There are loads of free templates to choose from, which you can edit as much as you want to get the desired look. I've changed my website again recently and I've found that the more I get used to the tools available the better the outcome. Once I was happy with what I'd created I had the option to publish my site for free, which would mean I'd have the unattractive Wix create-your-free -website ad on my website and the web address would have 'Wix' in it too.

As I wanted my website to look as professional as it could I wasn't happy to have Wix's name and ad visible on my site. For this reason I bought my own domain. I then had to purchase the Premium Plan to connect it to my website, and this was another cost. In total the cost came up to nearly £100 for the year, which I think is a little pricey for what I could afford on my student budget and I'm hoping the cost doesn't go up next year.

Total cost - £1582.27

...and this is just the beginning! I've still got so much more to buy and it won't get any cheaper. I'm just going to have to be very clever with my spending habits, only spend where I need to and take advantage of student discounts as much as I can.

How expensive is your course and how do you manage your student budget?

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