Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Behind The Scenes: Girl in a Hat

I thought I would share some behind the scenes photos of my favourite studio shoot yet, Girl in a Hat. This shoot took me a very long time to set up at first because the lighting seemed to be so complicated for what I wanted to achieve, but now that I sit and think about it, it wasn't that complicated at all. It's all about knowing what you're doing in the studio and learning all the technical stuff that comes along with setting up lighting.

This shoot was inspired by Irving Penn and the thing that I wanted to achieve most of all was the contrast between black and white that he has in most of his work. As you can see from the photo above I had booked to use the white scoop but I wanted to achieve a background that would gradually change from grey to black. I had my lecturer with me who was explaining all these different ways that I could make the white background look grey but it was just so complicated! In the end we got our hands on a grey backdrop which made life a whole lot easier. Once the grey backdrop was in place, the lighting for it was set up to get that gradual decrease in light from one end to the other.

As seen in the photo above, one light was placed next to the backdrop and this meant that rather than having an even light across the whole of the background I would be able to get the gradual light to dark look. The lightest part in the photo below is on the right hand side which is where the light was placed quite close to the backdrop. As only one side was lit up, the gradual decrease in the light was easy to achieve, and I also made sure to double check it using a light meter reader.

With this type of shoot it was important to get the lighting only in the places it was needed. Once I had used the soft box to light the model from the front I had to make sure I removed any extra light and this was done by using the black screen on the right and the white board behind the soft box to block the excess light. 


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