Saturday, 28 March 2015

Fall Haze

I recently downloaded some Photoshop Actions to edit my photos with because I'd been looking at some of my favorite photographers and noticed most of all how their work seems to have a particular look and feel to them that I just couldn't seem to achieve by myself. I'm still getting the hang of using Photoshop because I don't get the chance to use my DSLR as much as I'd like to.

I decided to share the before and after of the photo above that I took at Aspire Photography Training a little while ago. This action is called Fall Haze and I thought this would look good with the Autumn theme of this shoot. Once I'd chosen this action in the Actions palette, I was lead through four steps where I could make my own edits to see how much or little I wanted to apply at each stage. I changed my mind quite a few times before I settled on the final image on the right.

I find these Actions to be really handy because they are a great way to make changes to your photos quickly and easily! I'm looking forward to editing more of my photos using the package that I downloaded which also included Winter Light, Spring Breeze and Summer Love.

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