Friday, 19 December 2014

Behind the Scenes of a Sixties Inspired Shoot

Yesterday I helped out a third year photographer at university after my lecturer told me it would be a good idea to cover it for the blog I've started for them called Fashion with Wolves. This shoot was organised by Brodie Weatherill and she was inspired by the 60's.

The model Brodie used, Rachael Baker, had modeled at the Clothes Show Live shoot I covered a few weeks ago, and yesterday I found out that she's actually a third year fashion design student there herself. The Clothes Show Live shoot was just so busy, I wasn't able to get to know any of the designers at all. There was also a makeup artist used, Georgoina Ram, who did a great job with recreating the 60's inspired makeup Brodie had in mind for her shoot.

I love this look so much, Georgina did Rachael's makeup perfectly. I loved the eye makeup with the thick black liner and the yellow eye shadow that worked so well with the yellow background Brodie used. The lipstick really pulled this look together and brightened up Rachael's face, and the hair was backcombed to create lots of volume!

I can't show you Brodie's images from the shoot (the one above is the one I took) because she used a Medium Format camera which uses film. I did take some behind the scenes images which I'm going to share with you below:

Georgina Ram doing Rachael's makeup
Georgina Ram doing Rachael's makeup
The medium format camera used with black & white and colour film
Rachael's ready for the shoot!
Brodie took some test shots on her Canon first

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